Real ways to make money online from home for free 2024

If you want to earn money online at home. Are you very confused about earning money and what work to do online? Many applications are being seen in the market, where one can work online and also earn money. But when it comes time to transfer money to the bank, at some places it remains pending and at some places it gets failed. This means whatever app you use to earn money is a fake application. Where there is no proof of earning real money.

In this blog post I will tell you all about 2 applications. I also use one application myself and one of my friends uses the same application. My friend has earned more than ₹ 66 thousand Indian Rupees so far from this application, within 3 months. That too without investment. You can earn Rs 10,000 to 25,000 per month from the application I use.

This application is very easy to use but you cannot earn money without working. Be it any application, you don’t get even Rs 1 without doing any work. Therefore, if you want money then definitely work on this application. The harder you work, the more money you will earn. Whatever money you earn, you will be able to withdraw it on your bank account, UPI.

You must be wondering which is the application where we will be able to earn money. Which apps are there and in what way, I will tell you all the information step by step below. You should read this post completely from beginning to end.

1. True Balance app

True Balance is a 100% secure loan app It is a loan and financial services platform that works on the mission of “Money for All”. This app is working since 17 Oct 2014. It has been downloaded over 50,000 times. The download size of this app is 25.29Mb.

Real ways to make money

True Balance is a personal loan app trusted by 75 million (6,25,39,42,500.00) users across the country. Here, you can get online personal loans from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 (disbursement amount) for a minimum tenure of 62 days to 12 months on processing fee.

How to work on True Balance App

Step 1: First install this app 👉. Verify with your mobile number.

True-Balance:  Real ways to make money

Now the question comes, what work do we have to do in this app? Because of which we can earn 10 to 25 thousand rupees per month by using this app. This is an application through which we can take loan online. At present, loans are available from Rs 1000 to Rs 1 lakh. It is a secure application, you can try it.

Step 2: As you sign up, after scrolling down Refer a loan will appear. Click on it.

True-Balance:  Real ways to make money

If there is anyone among your friends or neighbors who wants to take a loan, you can give him information about the True Balance application. After giving all the information, this app can refer him. If you refer him to this app, and he takes any loan from here, you get 5% commission.

Transfer money to UPI wallet

If we earn money, then know how to transfer that money to UPI.

True-Balance:  Real ways to make money
  • For that there is wallet money below, click here.
  • After that click send money
  • By clicking, a new interface will show, where 3 boxes will be visible.
  • Add your UPI paytm mobile number in a number box.
  • Select withdraw in the two number boxes.
  • Enter the amount in the three number boxes.
  • After filling up all three boxes, click the Next button below.
  • And as soon as you click Yes to confirm, the money will come to your UPI wallet.

Transfer money to bank account

  • For that there is wallet money below, click here.
  • After that click send money
  • After clicking there, Wallet and Bank Account 2 options will be shown.
  • You have to click on bank account
  • By clicking, a new interface will show, where 4 boxes will be visible.
  • Enter your account number in a number box.
  • Enter IFSC CODE in the two number boxes.
  • 3 Enter account holder name in the three number boxes.
  • Finally enter amount as per your requirement.
  • After filling up all four boxes, click the Next button below.
  • The money will come to your bank account.

Keep one thing in mind, the person who applies for the loan will get only the loan he deserves. You do not get money from the loan, rather the company gives you commission if the loan is successful.


There are many ways to earn money in the market, online and offline. Among them, Pak and Spamming also takes place in many platforms. There are some platforms in which real earning happens. In this way, we have also given information about an application here, in which you can earn real money. Here we have told him the name of the application, details, how work can be done in it and how payment is received, everything in detail.

Whatever information we have given about this app, everything has been given by research on YouTube and Google. We do not want you to spend money or waste time on any app, that is why whatever app you want to work on, first get information about the app along with its details.


My name is Raju Naik, I am from Odisha. I am focusing on online work from last 3 years(2020) because I am not interested in government job so I am working online to achieve something on my own. Actually, I like online work more than offline work. Apart from this, I also get a lot of online and offline work, like professional video making, creative design, photo editing or I definitely do voice overs. My writing skills are so good that I can even write short films and songs. If this techzraju site gets success then I will do some next labels.


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