10 Real online earning idea work from home

There are many sites and apps platforms to earn money online. You search on YouTube or Google to earn money online, but here too there are thousands of content related to earning. There are many fake and many real online earning idea methods, but you are not able to understand which platform is right.

Today’s blog is dedicated to those people who are interested in earning money online but are very confused and are unable to decide. What are the top 10 such methods that we have seen? Which is a proven strategy. Not thousands but lakhs of people are earning money by working online. You don’t have to go anywhere, you can work from home using just your phone or laptop.

Today we will discuss a little deeply, which strategy is best for you, how you can setup a successful online career using your skills and passion. This is a way in which you can offer your talent and expertise directly to the client. Be it graphic design, writing, programming or any other skills. First create your profile on this website, show your skills and then see your projects coming to you. This is a very flexible way of earning, where you can choose the project yourself.


Use your skills to offer online services on platforms like Upwork or Fibber. This is a way where you can offer your talent and expertise directly to the client. Be it graphic designing, writing, programming or any other skill, just create your profile, share your skills on these websites. Show your skills and then see how projects start coming to you. This is a very flexible way of earning, where you can choose your own time and projects.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | Freelancing

Affiliate marketing

With this you can promote any products or services. For every sale made through your referral link, you get commission. Like in Amazon, Flipkart and meesho affiliate program, you share their products on your website or social media, when someone buys a product from your link, you get some percent commission. This is a very good way for a passive income. Where you can earn very good online earnings by using the trust of your audience and marketing strategy skills.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | affiliate marketing

Online tutoring

If you are good in any subject or have expertise in any field, you can offer online tutoring. Nowadays, be it school subjects or any skills, people are very interested in learning online. You can teach the child by using platforms like zoom, skype, Google meet. It will help you financially and your popularity will also increase.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | online tutoring

Promote engineering

If you have creative idea skills and you like to generate unique ideas, you can monetize your skills in the field of prompt engineering. In this, you can sell to a business individual by writing a tiller mad promise as per his/her requirement. Promt is for anything, like a content marketing campaign or a creative project. You just have to understand their needs and then create engaging and effective content according to them. This is a new field, where creativity and innovation are in great demand.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | promote engineering

Stocks photography

If you have a lot of interest in photography, you can sell your photos online. On platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe stocks. These platforms give you an opportunity to sell your photos worldwide. All you have to do is click a high quality and unique photo and upload it on the platform. Whenever someone purchases your photo you get payment. This is a great source to turn your photography passion into an income source.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | stocks photography


If you have a passion for writing or you are an expert in any category, then blogging is a great idea to earn money online. You can start a blog on any topic or any topic you are interested in. To monetize the blog, you can place ads or write sponsors or sell your own content. Blogging takes some time but once followers are built, the income is so much that you cannot even imagine. This is a rewarding way to earn money online.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | blogging

Social media management

In today’s digital world, every company wants to have its own social media platform. If you have good knowledge on social media, you can create good content on social media, then you can manage social media and use it for business. In this you have to handle their social media profiles, plan engaging content, schedule posts and manage audience interactions. This work gives you flexibility and you can gain diverse experience with different types of business.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | social media management

E-commerce business

If you are fond of making anything or you have a unique product idea, then you can sell your products online. If you don’t want to keep inventory, there is also the option of dropshipping. In this you can focus on a niche market, like hand Be it jewellery, eco-friendly products or items related to a specific hobby, you have to list your products on your website on an e-commerce platform or on an executing marketplace like Amazon or Etsy. This is a great way to turn your passion into a business and earn money online.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | e-commerce business


If you have the desire to make videos or share any interesting content, then you will definitely have to create a YouTube channel. You can create the best content based on your interest or skill, be it cooking, education, travel, tech knowledge, or anything else. After growing the channel, you can earn money through ads or by making sponsorship videos. YouTube is a very good platform where you can earn good money with your value.

10 Real online earning idea work from home | YouTube

Selling digital products

If you have a passion for creating digital art, you can sell your art online. Like stickers, cards or virtual art. You can list your art on online websites like Etsy. This is a creative or profitable way to bring your art to the world and earn money. There is no limit in digital art, you can convert whatever you think into digital art and earn a lot of money.

10 Real online earning idea work from home

My name is Raju Naik, I am from Odisha. I am focusing on online work from last 3 years(2020) because I am not interested in government job so I am working online to achieve something on my own. Actually, I like online work more than offline work. Apart from this, I also get a lot of online and offline work, like professional video making, creative design, photo editing or I definitely do voice overs. My writing skills are so good that I can even write short films and songs. If this techzraju site gets success then I will do some next labels.


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