Make money online amazon work from home jobs for housewifes

Here you will get the top way of amazon work from home jobs for housewifes. And all the work can be done very easy and from your mobile phone.

Amazon has given us a lot of space to earn, but our attention does not go there. If we want, we can earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees from Amazon by working from home. For this you will not have to spend even a single rupee. You can earn lakhs by working absolutely free. Talking about qualifications, you do not need any degree for this. If you are 10th pass, 12th pass, student, housewife, even if you are doing job or doing business, you can do this work. In this post you will get to read 5 ways to earn from Amazon.

1. Amazon KDP

You can do this work at home and on your mobile, laptop. You will get a solution to publish books directly on Amazon KDP. For this you have to create a low content book. Low content books means such as feetness books, kids drawing books. You have to list such books on Amazon.

Amazon kdp

You can use Canva or software Book Bold for the design of this book. The design of the book, poster and pages of the book have to be kept the same. After the design is done, register it on Amazon KDP and upload it. Once your design is approved, Amazon will take care of everything including printing and delivery. Your books will be listed on Amazon KDP and you will continue earning.

2. Professnal service

There is an option on Amazon, such as selling and sharing services. People share products on Amazon. People have to do a lot of work even by sharing products. Such as: There will be product design for them, graphic design, accounting, video editing of the product, photo editing of the product, many such works have to be done.


Many social media marketing has to be done on Amazon’s professional service, such as instagram marketing, facebook page marketing, twitter marketing, youtube channel management and ads run. Many options will be available to work in it.

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3. Amazon Associate

Amazon affiliate marketing program is included here. Which is a very big marketing program and is also called one of the biggest marketing programs in the world. There are many small and big products here, like you can market a product worth Rs 100 or you can also market a product worth Rs 10 lakh.

Amazon affiliate marketing program

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is completely free, everyone can join it. Earlier there was some crate area for doing affiliate marketing but now it is completely free. Here you can do marketing of any product very easily. For that one has to join first. After that the link of the product will be given, the link of the product has to be copied and marketing has to be done. Whoever clicks that link and buys it, you will get commission for that product.

4. Amazon influencers

There are facebook influencers, instagram influencers, snap chat influencers and those famous people can earn a lot of money by working here. There are many products here and many sellers, so they need influencers to promote their products, that is why Amazon has provided this facility on its platform itself.

Amazon influencers

First you have to sign up. You will get many products just by signing up. If you are a famous influencer then you will get many brands to promote. Share those products on your profile and you can earn from there. If you have good followers, good views, good community then this platform will be very good for you.


My name is Raju Naik, I am from Odisha. I am focusing on online work from last 3 years(2020) because I am not interested in government job so I am working online to achieve something on my own. Actually, I like online work more than offline work. Apart from this, I also get a lot of online and offline work, like professional video making, creative design, photo editing or I definitely do voice overs. My writing skills are so good that I can even write short films and songs. If this techzraju site gets success then I will do some next labels.


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