Daily earn money app, without investment earn money app 2024

Today again I have come with a new Daily earn money app. In which basically you do not have to do anything, you just have to do the transactions and you will get money. Every time you will earn sometimes ₹5 or sometimes ₹10. The interesting thing is that you will literally not even know when you will be earning thousands from Rs 5-10. This is such an amazing application.

Which application is that? And by using which trick we will be able to earn thousands in just 5 minutes without doing anything. They tell you about the application with all the details. The name of this application is time pay. As you know, Paytm is distributing a lot of money to give. By the way, this new app is also distributing money in the beginning, so that is why we will take advantage of all these things. Right now you can go to play store and see that only 50000 downloads have been done but the money is being distributed quite a lot.

What is time pay app Apk

Bhim UPI, credit/debit card, and wallet can be used seamlessly in the time pay app. Transfer money securely and instantly by linking your bank account through BHIM UPI. Mutual funds and insurance schemes can be invested hassle-free.

Time pay Daily earn money app

Time Pay takes care of all your financial needs. With the help of this app you can shop online at your favorite stores. It is known as a secure platform. With the help of time pay app, you can get a lot of cashback and this is without investment earn money app.

How to used Timepay app

First of all you have to install time pay app from play store.

Let me tell you in advance that this app is of small size.

Daily earn money app

As soon as the app is installed, you will get the option to open it.

When you click on Open, you will get to see a very nice interface of the app.

After that all the permissions of the application have to be given.

Then you have to select the language. You will select as per your preference and click on choose.

After that, click on whatever permission the bonfire says.

You have to select that SIM of yours.

If there is only one number in the phone, it will be selected automatically.

Then you have to click on Continue.

After that verified OTP will come in your phone.

After that you will be asked to keep the passcode there, you can keep any four digit pass code here.

After that you have to reenter the passcode again.

Because you will login by entering the same passcode and make payment by entering the same passcode.

The referral code will be taken automatically, if not then you can enter it manually as “Y2YXNT“.

After that now you have to click on submit. After that he will take processing again.

After that you will come to its home interface.

cashback and reward on Timepay app

I had already told you that earning here is very easy.

if you click on cashback and reward here, you will get first you will be asked to add your bank account.

Whatever bank account you have, you have to click on it.

Just like you add your bank account on phone pay, Google pay, add it in the same way.

Click on Add Bank Account. After that selected your bank.

After that click on the debit card and click on proceed.

After that fill up all the name details. If it will be shown automatically, then click on confirm. After that the notification of done will come.

Then you have to come back after filling up all the details.

If you do this much work, you will be eligible for earning. You do any transaction from here, you get cashback up to ₹ 100.

First of all, take the money after signing in. When you click on the cashback reward, you will get a scratch card.

You just have to click on tap card by clicking on it.

If you click here you will get a small amount.

How to earn Time pay app free

Below on the left side you will see a scan and pay. You have to click Scan and pay.

After that scan on any one UPI scanner.

Time pay Daily earn money app

After that pay ₹ 100 or ₹ 150 per us number as per your requirement.

After making payment, you have to come to the home page. A scratch card will again appear on the Reward section.

You have to tap on that scratch card, again you will get some cashback. In this way you will definitely earn up to Rs 1000 in a day.

Let me tell you all one more information about this app. The more transactions you do, the more you will earn. But the validity depends on your UPI.

Daily earn money app, time pay app payment Proof

Let me tell you some more information about this app. Look, sometimes you may not see the scratch card, don’t worry. But mostly some cashback is definitely available. Some people also have problems while logging in. The rest definitely happens if you keep trying.

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