Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

In this post you will get detailed information about 10 amazing smartphone hidden features, mobile phones tips and tricks. We all use Android phones and do a lot of work on it, but there are some things in it that you don’t know. You can get information about very important and hidden features. Which is very simple and. It is very useful. Some people know the method involved in this, but many people do not know.

Fake location send tricks

I am telling you a tip. Go to your phone’s Settings, in the About section, tap your build number seven times. Developer options should be on. Will go. After that friends, click on developer option You have to go inside and search the mock location, Turn on mock location, then go to Play Store and search fake location. And for example, if your girlfriend, your family or any relative asks for your location, then you can send them your fake location.

fake-location-share, Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

Stop mobile ads

Stop the ads coming on the phone, first of all you have to go to the settings of your phone.

There you will get a Google option and you will tick it.

After that you have to tick on Google Manager Account.

After ticking there, you will have to click on the Data and Privacy option.

You will scroll towards the bottom, there you will see my ads center which is on by default in your phone.

You have to turn off the right side top which appears on top.

After that click on got it. After this you have to go back.

By doing this, ads will never be shown on your mobile phone.

ads stop mobile,, Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

Auto reading

If you read something online or read news articles then this trick will be an amazing track for you. Because after using this trick, you will not be able to read but will get a readable understanding. To use it on your mobile phone, follow the steps given below.

Auto reader text, , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

First of all open the mobile settings.

Inside the settings you will find additional settings, click there.

After that you have to click on the accessibility option below.

After clicking you will get an on off here The shortcut option has to be turned on.

After that you have to go to the bank from there.

Click on the scientist and the one with vision.

See, select this piece and you just have to do 260.

Have a bonfire there. alarm and Have to click there

When you play it there, you will see that a human logo will appear, it is a logo of acidity.You just have to like it.

Backing up, now let me tell you the real trick.

Look there, open any problem, open any browser, Chrome browser.

Look there, there is a graph written on any graph, we just have to click on the option of Acidity.

And you have to press there, you will draw, see this and it will read out automatica

Luck screen camera setup

I will tell you one such amazing hidden features of android, which you will be completely shocked after reading. Suppose you lock your mobile and go somewhere, and suddenly someone comes and tries to unlock your mobile by typing the wrong password. Here your mobile is not unlocked, but a photo of that person is taken from the front camera of your mobile. who even knows It doesn’t work, and you can later check who tried to unlock your mobile.

Luck screen hidden camera, , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

So if you want to setup this feature in your phone, then you will have to download an application. Simply go to Google and search and click on the first site you will find. In that search you will type protect mobile. Go to the first post you find and download the application. Open this application and allow whatever permission is asked, after that an on off button will appear on the right side. If you turn it on, it will start working.

Phone overheating stop

Mobile phone overheating is not a small matter. Do not avoid this, because in such a situation you may even lose your life. Due to overheating of your mobile phone every day, there is a chance of it bursting at any time. How to close it, everything will be understood after reading this post.

Phone overheating problem, , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

First of all go to Play Store.

Click on profile and then go to settings.

After that, by clicking on Network Preferences, you will see the option of auto update apps.

Click on it and select Dot Auto Upgrade Apps.

With this, your mobile application will not auto update in the background.

Then go to mobile settings and search for scanning. You will get the option of Bluetooth scanning and wi-fi scanning. Click on it and turn off both.

With this, your phone will not scan unnecessary Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which will save a lot of battery and the phone will not get hit.

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Phone users status

Let me tell you these amazing tips for your mobile and this is a hidden features of android. Suppose you have given your mobile to someone. When he returns the phone, you want to see what things he has done on your mobile and what he has seen on your mobile, then there is a very simple way for that.

Phone users dashboard, , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

You go to the dialer of your mobile from where you dial the phone number. Type here *#*#4636#*#* As soon as you add this, a main window will open in front of you. See user tips there and click on it. As soon as you click there, everything will open in front of you that at what time and for how many minutes he has used which app. There are amazing tips, after giving a mobile to someone, definitely try it once and keep it.

Full-screen WhatsApp DP

Whenever you save DP on WhatsApp, the background photo also gets cut and saved. Fulls creen DP is never seen. And whoever has fullscreen DP, you must have seen that the background appears white on both sides. But after reading this post you can have fulls creen DP from today.

WhatsApp full DP , , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

For this you open any browser. Type Uncrop on Google and go to the previous link. After that, you will have to upload your picture and then click on Custom and select the square. After that click on Next. This website is from your lands Adjusts the photo to square size. That too with different variations. Then the download button will appear on the right side top, download the photo from there and you can set a beautiful WhatsApp DP.

Unlimited data tricks hidden features of android

If I say you have a data on your mobile phone that you can use all day long and 1.5gb internet that will never run out. You will use what you get throughout the day, no need to recharge for data packs again. I will teach you a trick that will help you use your mobile data throughout the day and double your phone’s battery. If the phone battery works for 6 hours then it will work for 12 hours.

Mobile data saving tips, , Top 10 hidden features of android, mobile phone tips and tricks

After going to Settings, go to Apps, you have to open any application. When you click on Mobile Data and WiFi, you have to turn off the background data. Because whatever is on, this thing keeps using your data even after your phone is switched off. Mobile applications keep using your MB. You have to turn off the background data of any such application which is visible behind your back.


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