5 Unique android apps free, Most useful Android apps in daily life

This blog post is going to be very interesting for those people who love using Best Android apps. If you want to use your smartphone in a very smart way then you have clicked on the right post. Because in this blog I am going to tell you 5 amazing apps, after using which you will thank me in the comment section.

Skip ads : Auto skip video ads

In fact, this has happened to you many times, when you were listening to a song on Spotify or consuming content on any other platform. In which ads come in between. While everyone gets angry. But let me tell you that, there is such an app on Play Store, after downloading which no ads will run on your phone. Using this Most useful apps in daily life.

Skip-ads-Auto-skip-video-ads-android apps

You have to go to play store, and search Skip ads: Auto skip video ads on the search box. People, check out the app which is shown in the image and install it. After that you just have to open the app. Permission has to be given and you are good to go. After that no ads will run on your phone. You can do any work well or you will not be disturbed.

BNESIM: eSIM card, Mobile data

If you want to prank someone on call, and you don’t want your number to reach them. There is a very fun app for that, called BNESIM: eSIM card, Mobile data. With the help of this app, you can make calls and send messages to anyone. But that’s not going to be your number. That must be some other number, something like “xxxx8583xx”. This is a most unique app for Android.

BNESIM-eSIM-card-Mobile-data Android apps

If you really want to use your brain to trouble someone then this app is going to be perfect for you. Well, let me tell you that right now it is free, but download it quickly, who knows, in the future you may have to watch ads or pay something for it. By the way, I want to use it in a good way and I want to say this for education purpose. In this app you get the option of call recording, also if you want to make an add call then you can do that also. Like normal calls, as you are using the phone.

SMS backup and restore

We all know that contacts get restored very easily if we switch phones. What to do with access and call logs? Boss, this is a big question. Let me tell you, there is an app called Backup and Restore which I have been using for a long time. As whenever I keep switching phones, basically all my messages and call logs get transferred to my other phone very easily with the help of this app. And it is also very simple to use.

SMS-backup-and-restore Android apps

For this you just have to go to the play store. And here you have to type, Backup and Restore. Image logo will be visible, you just have to install this app. Permission has to be given. Now let me explain to you how it works. Basically on this you have to backup your messages and call lock. Whenever you want to restore it on any other phone, go there and download this app and restore it. All your SMS and call logs will appear.

Black screen: video screen off

Are you also consuming more content at night? If you are doing so, then this app is going to be very useful for you. The name of this app is Black Screen. With its help, you can consume any content by turning off the screen completely. When you are consuming content at night, the blue light is causing a lot of damage to the eyes. Many times we feel anxious. With the help of Black Screen Pup, you can make it completely black, and you can keep the phone and sleep comfortably while listening to it.

Black-screen-video-screen-off Android apps

You have to write black screen on Play store. After that, you have to install this Interesting apps on Play Store, which is visible to you in the image. In this, you also have the option to turn it on by double tapping or to turn the screen on by triple tapping. So you can set that as per your choice. Can do. You already know that you will have to give all the permissions.

Touch the notch android apps

Now the last app is very fun. That’s funny because the boss will take a screenshot as soon as you touch the notch of the phone. Actually, most of my screenshots are necessary so I have to use this. You can also customize it in different ways. You can do that as per your convenience like opening the camera app. If you want to add anything else, you can do that also. You can add many features.

Touch-the-notch Android apps

The name of this app is touch the notch. You have to download it from Play Store. First of all go to Play Store. After that search Touch the notch on the search box. Take care of people. You don’t have to choose any other app. Install only what is visible in the image. After opening that app, set it as per your choice. After that, whatever you want to open, after touching it, your work will be done.


These were some amazing android apps, which I wanted to share with you guys. There is no illegal app in this. Whatever information is available about android apps here, it is for education and smart users. These are all the android apps to use your phone in a smarter way. Keep in mind that install all these Android apps after seeing their name and logo, so that you can get whatever features are mentioned.


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