Picasso App most important updates for Android and iOS

If you want to download Picasso App or are already using it, then you need to pay close attention to these updates. all the features of Picasso App are explained along with its pros and cons. Picasso App has become very popular and people have already taken advantage of it, but still many people do not know the truth about Picasso App. It is discussed in detail here.

What is Picasso app

Picasso is a video platform app. In which movies along with web series can be seen. Newly released films or web series can usually be found on subscription platforms, such as Netflix or Prime. Almost all premium content can be found on these platforms, which require payment. But Picasso is one such app where you can stream all kinds of premium content for free without paying anything.

This Picasso app offers web series, new movies, live cricket and football games for free. Which cannot be seen even on TV. This app is very easy to download on your phone and you don’t have to pay any money for it.

Features of Picasso

Of all the video platforms on the Google Play Store or the Google Web, the Picasso is one of the most diverse. People like its features more than its content, making the Picasso app more popular. This app has full benefits of premium platforms. It’s time to learn about these amazing features. Here are discussed many future features of Picasso app.

Features of Picasso app

Video quality

In this app, if you have a good internet connection, you can watch High quality video. It depends on your phone’s internet connection. Here you can watch up to 4k video quality but we will ask you to watch it in 1080 video quality. By which your internet connection data will also last longer.

Audio feature

Talking about the features of this app, it became a competitor of Netflix and Amazon prime during IPL. Here you can change the audio in the language of your choice and enjoy watching the video. Each film is in a different language but you can watch it here in your favorite language.


Usually, most sports and news channels do not have subtitles, so even if you like content from other countries, you cannot watch it. You will be happy to know that you can watch with subtitles in many languages ​​in the Picasso application.

Live sports

It is very difficult to watch any new film or web series for free but it is also available on some websites. It is said here that it is possible to watch IPL LIVE cricket and all matches along with watching movies or web series. Anyone can watch Live sports match without subscription.

Offline Views

The Picasso is also available for offline viewing. Playback speed increases only if there is internet connection speed in this app, otherwise it reduces. You can download any content on connection and watch it offline. Since the internet is not always available the same connection.


Picasso is completely free to use. Premium features are usually offered only with a subscription package on other video streaming platforms. There is no need to pay for subscription packages to access any movies and web series on the Picasso application. It is completely available to users for free. The Picasso is especially popular for these features.


Download button is provided in Picasso application, you can download any movie, web series video. You can also watch the video offline in the future. Other video platforms download low quality video but Picasso gives facility to download in HD format.

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Pros and cons

This app has already been working illegally but apart from that some good features are also available to the users. Here are some pros and cons of Picasso app that you need to know.

Picasso app of Pros-and-cons


Picasso application is very lightweight, very simple and easy to use. This app contains completely free content, with worldwide content available. Picasso does not require any rooting. You can watch new movies, web series as well as download them. You will get a chance to watch live cricket and football matches without subscription. Subtitles also have the advantage of changing the audio to listen in your own language.


Picasso sometimes crashes. It shows server not responding option if clicked to watch some movies. If the internet slows down while watching the video, the playback speed will be reduced. Picasso comes with ads like 1x Bet and you can skip it after 10 seconds. In this app you will get a chance to watch Live cricket, football match but need more internet speed. Picasso app is not available in play store and you have to go to google to download it. If there is ever an update of this app, it does not have the auto update feature.

Is Picasso app safe to use?

While using any social media, you always wonder how secure the app is. Privacy is always a concern for everyone In fact, this app has been blocked by the Delhi High Court for providing copyrighted content. Now this app is not available in google play store, but Picasso app is found in large number in browser. It appears that the Picasso app is completely insecure.

Is Picasso app safe?

Picasso app may compromise your privacy and data. Further it may damage your phone. If you want to protect your data, all the data of the phone, then do not use this third party app.

Yes Picasso app is an illegal aap. Indeed, the copyrighted content is available for viewing in the Picasso app. Currently Picasso app has been deleted from play store and now all aaps found in google are not completely safe. Downloading this app may cause your device to download malware, viruses or other malicious software.


Many people are downloading this third party Picasso app from Google to get premium content for free, which is not completely secure. It is absolutely necessary to think before downloading this app.

History of Picasso

The Picasso app has been available as an Android application since 2014. The Picasso has already ranked very popular on Google and is used in more than ten countries. The Picasso offers a variety of entertainment content that is completely free. From Bollywood, Hollywood movies, action-packs and web series were available for free. The interface navigation in this application is very simple so the user does not have to face any problem.

Picasso made all premium shows available on the app for free and the Delhi High Court ordered the app to be blocked. Picasso app is currently not available on google play store because it only broadcasts illegal content. Now as a third party app Picasso app is found in large numbers on google.


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