Don’t buy Wrong phone : Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Galaxy S23

There’s a new Galaxy phone, but What has changed in the old phone? Also, both the phones will compare Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Galaxy S23. Will you lose or gain in buying a new phone, after reading this post all doubts will be cleared.

Finally, after a long wait, Samsung’s has been officially launched in India. There will be three smartphones here but the biggest confusion that remains at the moment is whether Samsung’s S24 should be considered or S23 should be considered. I hope that if you read this blog from beginning to end, most of your confusion will be removed.

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Galaxy S23

Basically what are the differences between these phones, and if If there is any difference then will it be useful in real life practical usage or not, then I will share all the things with you.

First of all Samsung has done a good thing, the s24 series will get 7 years of Android updates. But think about which phone you have used for 7 years. On the other hand, Samsung S23 will get updates till Android 17. The second thing is after software update. This thing is being highlighted the most.

AI features have been introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. And it is being said that Samsung Galaxy s23 series, Samsung 4 and s23 series Fe addition. You will get to see AI features in all these devices. If you have any of these devices, there is no need to worry at all. You will get to see AI features with the update.


The first difference is regarding the price. s24 The price of which is 80000 without discount. If you use the selected bank card, you will get an instant discount of ₹ 8000, which means you can consider this phone for ₹ 72000. Talking about the price of Samsung Galaxy S23, if you use the card of selected bank then it will be available for ₹ 54 999. 8128 variant.

Broadly speaking, there is a price gap of ₹17 to ₹18 thousand between both the phones. If you pay ₹ 17 thousand more then what things will you get to see more in s24 and if you pay ₹ 17 thousand less then what things will you get to see less in s23.

Phone Body

First of all, look at the side by side look of both the phones! From the rear side both the phones are same to same. Only the position of the flashlight has been shifted slightly downwards. Is. Now this thing means nothing in practical usage. Rest of the look wise, both the phones are same to the same, Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection has been used on the front and rear side of both the phones.

In fact, the weight of both the phones is also the same, 168 grams. Aluminum is used in the center of both the phones. If frame is used then there is no difference material wise here also.


Now what is the difference between both the phones display wise? The display of both the phones is almost same to the same. The only difference is that the s23 has a peak brightness of 1750 ts. While the s24 has a peak brightness of 2600 ts. practical usage This difference does not matter, 1200 NEET gets the job done. If the brightness is more than required then it will cause pain to the eyes and secondly the battery consumption will also be high.

The S24 has even thinner frames around the display, increasing the display area from 6.1 to 6.2 inches. It’s also a better display without actually increasing the size of the phone, offering refresh rates that are customizable from 1Hz to 120Hz, which the S23 can’t.


Talking about performance, here in Samsung Galaxy S23 you have been offered Snapdragon 8Gen 2 processor. Which is based on 4 nano meter technology. It has a very powerful processor. Exyno 2400 processor is offered in Samsung Galaxy S24. This chipset is also based on 4nm FFD technology.

If seen on paper, the processor of Samsung Galaxy S24 is more powerful, compared to Samsung Galaxy S23. But you all must know one thing, Samsung’s history with Exyno processors is not good. Because most of the smartphones with Exyno chip set have the issue of hiding. I will consider processor wise Samsung Galaxy s23. Because Qualcomm Snapdragon has been used here.

Inside, the phone has a new processor, including either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the Exynos 2400, depending on which market you’re in.


Talking about battery, Samsung Galaxy S23 has a 3900 mAh battery. Whereas Samsung Galaxy S24 offers a 4000 mAh battery. Still, if you use both these phones a lot then you will have to charge them twice a day. Rather, both the phones have been provided with 25w fast charging and both the phones will have to take at least 1 hour for 0 to 100% charging. Along with this, 15 Watt wireless charging is also available in these phones.


If we look at the camera section, both the phones have almost same to same camera setup. 50 megapixel primary camera, sensor 10 megapixel telephoto lens and 12 megapixel ultrawide angle lens. The selfie camera of 12 megapixels is also the same in both the phones. Picture quality is as well as video quality. If you consider any one of these two phones, you will not be disappointed. Talking about the final body, I would personally consider Samsung Galaxy S23 as there is no major upgrade over S24.


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