Top 5 easy online earning tips no investment

If you search on YouTube or Google for Best earning website for students without investment, you will find many topics. You are not able to decide which is real and which is fake. In this blog you will get information about Top 5 earning websites without investment. With all the methods mentioned here, all of you will definitely earn extra. There are some daily earning websites and some monthly payment also. There is no hard work, you will get information about easy earn money online shortly.

People are already competing on all the videos and blog articles available online. But here the fress or unique website, platform is explained. You must read till the end, you will definitely like any of these online earning methods.

Note selling

If you sit at home, earn ₹ 50000 every month comfortably, that too without any investment. What work do you have to do and how to do it? I will tell you. First of all open YouTube application. Be it any video or book related to effort, copy the link of that video. There is a website named Solid point, paste the link there. After that it will be in summarized form.

Note cells earning tips

After that you have to go to You have to sell your notes here. By selling one note you will get around 10 dollars i.e. ₹ 800, if there are 100 notes within a month then it will be ₹ 80000. So just imagine how much employment there would be.

Online coach

If you have good knowledge of any subject, be it Maths or English, then you can generate a good income online. For example, register yourself as a teacher on website. This is a kind of OLX where students can find teachers. So create your profile and set your next fee, and after approving your profile, students will be able to release you.

Earning on online tution

You will be able to start earning from the first day. If your rating is good then your profile will start showing on top. You may get a low rating at first, but later your rating may be good. The advantage of your profile being shown at the top is that you will get more classes. You will earn more if you get more classes.

Without making video earning on YouTube

You can earn money from YouTube even without making videos and I will tell you how it happens. So first of all you have to go to YouTube, and search any high volume keyword there. After coming here, you have to click on the filter on the right site top. After that click on creative comments. There are all those videos which you can use without any copyright.

Without making video earn money on YouTube

You can also make shorts by editing the video a little. And you can also make flower flex video. You can give links to affiliate programs like Click Bank in the description of the video. Where you get 10-20 dollars to 100-150 dollars from each sale. If this work is successful and you earn income throughout the month, then imagine how much you can earn.

Book review earning tips

People are earning dollars by using two websites. You can earn Rs 30000 per month by using Google Chrome browser. You have to go to the website From here you can earn good money by writing book reviews. For that, first of all you have to select a book. You have to search chat gpt on Google. If you do not know how to use chat gpt then tell in the comment section, I will bring the complete blog.

Book review job

You have to get a review written regarding this book from chat gpt. After copying that review, you have to go to By refreshing that review, you have to prepare a strong review. After refreshing that review, no AI will be able to catch that this review has been written by AI. After that you have to submit this review in website. You will get at least 5 dollars for writing a review. So now write reviews on this website and earn good money.

Amazon Jobs

By reducing one hour you will get 1564 rupees. There is a time for all of you. You have to search on Google Amazon job. When you search Amazon for customer support, specialist customer service jobs, you have to enter the ID “2201310“. You have to apply when this is the full time. For working one hour you will get 19 dollars, which means around Rs 1564. But it can be reduced at night also, on weekends, even during holidays, it means it is flexible.

Amazon-jobs, customer service, earning tips

T-shirt design earning tips

On the website, people buy shirts, whose designers are people like us. Create your own shirt design whether you’re using or Photoshop. Select the color of the T-shirt and upload your design. For example, if someone buys a shirt from here, You will get 5% commission. Printing T-shirts and shifting all this will be done by this website.

t-shirt-design earning ways

My name is Raju Naik, I am from Odisha. I am focusing on online work from last 3 years(2020) because I am not interested in government job so I am working online to achieve something on my own. Actually, I like online work more than offline work. Apart from this, I also get a lot of online and offline work, like professional video making, creative design, photo editing or I definitely do voice overs. My writing skills are so good that I can even write short films and songs. If this techzraju site gets success then I will do some next labels.


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